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New Year 2014 Toasts : New Year's Eve Toasts

Uncorking the bottle of champagne and raising a toast at midnight is a perfect way of bidding adieu to the past and embracing the New Year.

It is a time honored ritual for people across different countries to raise New Year toasts and make impressive and positive statement to bring in luck, wealth, good health and prosperity.

Happy New Year 2014

It can be nerve-racking for a person when all the eyes turn towards him when he clinks the glass to raise a toast. Right preparation and knowledge of the correct way to raise a toast can save you from being in an awkward situation at the time of raising a toast.

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New Year's Toasts: A Seven-Step Formula for the Perfect New Year's Toast points out the seven tips by following which you can raise a perfect toast and add a little more fun to your new year evening.

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1.) Make an Impressive statement- Speak about both the good as well as the bad aspects of the old year in a positive manner and focus on the changes it has brought about.

2.) Keep Your Toast Speech Brief-The most irritating thing for onlookers in your New Year’s Eve party would be to wait for your toast speech to get over. Make s statement not lengthening more than a few minutes when raising a toast. Look for the reaction of the audience. If they appear uninterested and start handling their silverware then you have taken up too much time in giving out a toast speech. End it fast to let others revel in the celebrations quickly.

3.) Avoid getting too preachy- Prepare a toast statement that does not make others feel like you are lecturing them on the good and bad. Focus only on a few things rather than including too many things in your toast statement when bidding adieu to the old year and ushering in the new one by raising a toast.

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4.) Avoid saying anything negative or disrespectful –A toast statement should be free of any negative or disturbing thought. New Year’s Eve is the time to spread happiness, and to cheer for the occasion, avoid saying something malignant about anyone or anything while raising a perfect toast for the New Year.

5.) Write down the speech and practice it- If you are going to raise a toast for the first time and get a little nervous about it then it is best to write down a few lines. Write a brief toast speech, including a short introductory line, suggestion for a positive change in the New Year and then a short closing line that ends on a positive note.

6.) Acknowledge the people present to raise the toast - The perfect way of raising a New Year’s toast is to pay compliment and acknowledge the people present in your New Year’s Eve party. You can take the names if there are few people attending the party or you can end by saying ‘here’s to all of you’ if there are too many people around.

7.) Try drinking too much before raising a toast- Chances of giving that perfect New Year’s toast might get ruined if you get heavily drunk and are unable to even stand to raise the glasses for a toast.


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