Friday, 23 August 2013

New Year SMS Messages for 2014

New Year is one time of the year where every individual expects good wishes from their loved ones. Not only that he/she also takes out time to remember every known face and convey his heartfelt wishes to the person. 

In today’s busy world, we really do not have time to send proper greetings card or even give calls to everyone. At this point, a new year sms can do the needful. The message may be short and crispy, but it conveniently expresses the sender’s thoughts and emotions. Read on to pick up the one you like and just type in with all the warmth of your heart!

Happy New Year 2014 SMS Messages :

  1. 2014 is about to knock the door and I wish you spend it with happiness, joy and smile. 
  2. Wish you a very Happy New Year!
  3. The old year is gone and the New Year will bring everything that you missed last year! Have a rocking 2014 ahead.
  4. Wish you best of luck, best of joy, best of prosperity, best of happiness and every best of 2014 ahead. Enjoy!
  5. Wish you a blissful, joyful, colorful, beautiful, and terrific new year 2014. May God bless you!
  6. In this New Year, May you get a sun to give you give you warmth and a moon to show you charm, an angel to give you protection and a friend to share all your feelings. Wish you have a great year 2014.
  7. Forget all pains, hatred, sorrows, jealousy and grudges. Embrace smiles, love, happiness, appreciations and compassion for everyone around you. Here’s wishing you a rocking New Year 2014.
  8. I hope this New Year makes you take one step forward towards success, and lead you through new avenues to the zenith. Wish you a very happy and Prosperous New Year 2014.
  9. As the sun of the old year sets down for a new sunrise of the New Year, hope you also forget all the negativities of last year for positivities of the New Year. Wish you a happy New Year 2014.
  10. I wish to God that you get a year full of joy and happiness and every day brings to you new reasons to celebrate and smile. Wish you a very happy, joyful, peaceful, colorful and grand New Year 2014. Enjoy!
  11. Wish you a glorious and lovely New Year 2014 ahead. May this year brings success in all future endeavors and rewards in everything you step in. Enjoy life throughout!
  12. A sweet message for my sweet heart in this New Year- remain as sweet as you are all lifelong. Wish you a very happy New Year 2014.
  13. May this New Year bring to you surprises which are pleasant, friends who are decent and life which is complacent. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year 2014.
  14. I wish your life be filled with 100% love, 100% happiness, 100% peace and 100% success in this brand New year. May God bless you and your family! Happy New Year 2014!
New Year SMS Messages for 2014
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